Big List Of Latin Terms For Genealogy

When you’re of Irish heritage, you will sometimes have to grapple with Latin terms in old parish records. This includes baptism, marriage, and death registers. You may also find Latin inscriptions on headstones. This list has over one hundred and twenty Latin terms that you may see in your genealogy research. You can scroll through … Read more

Irish Nicknames For First Names

When you’re researching old documents, it’s useful to have a list of nicknames that may be recorded as a first name. The first section of this document has male Irish nicknames. The second section has female Irish nicknames. You can scroll through the lists, but you can also search for a specific name. Juse use … Read more

Where Did The Irish Settle In Chicago? (Explained)

Irish immigrants were a major part of building the early settlements of Chicago into the city that it is today. Where did the Irish first settle in Chicago? And how and where did they expand as the city grew? This article goes right back to take a look at the first wave of Irish immigrants. … Read more