The O’Sullivan Clan – A History

The O’Sullivan clan, or Ó Súilleabháin in Irish, is one of the oldest and most distinguished families in Ireland. In the centuries following the adoption of the O’Sullivan surname, the clan would grow in power and influence. Their regions covered County Tipperary and County Kerry. By the time of the Norman invasion in the late … Read more

The Kelly Clan – A History

The O’Kelly surname is the Anglicized form of the Gaelic name O’Ceallaigh. Before the Norman invasion of Ireland in 1169, several branches of the Kelly clan held power in different regions of Ireland. Like many other Irish clans, they lost much of their power and lands in the 12th century. However, Kelly is one of … Read more

The Murphy Clan – A History

Some Irish names can be traced back to a single clan within a single province. But the Murphy name is so spread across the island that scholars believe that it descends from separate clans in different provinces. The strongest connections can be traced to a branch of the Kinsellas (Uí Cheinnsealaigh) whose stronghold was in … Read more

Origins Of The Hungry Grass

The Hungry Grass is a cursed patch of land. The unfortunate person who walks across it is struck with extreme hunger. The hunger is accompanied by stomach pains and a sudden wave of physical weakness. Moreover, victims become so disorientated that they can walk around in circles for days. This keeps them tied to the … Read more

The Kinsella Clan – A History

Kinsella is one of the big clan names in Irish history. Their strongholds were in Leinster. Here are some of the family names of Kinsella ancestry. Are you amongst them? Kinsella, Kinshellagh, Kinshlagh Kinsello, Kinchelloe, Kenselloe Kinsler, Kinslayer, Kinchsular The first Kinsella was the son of a King of Leinster. But let’s start at the … Read more

The Kavanagh Clan – A History

Kavanagh or Cavanaugh is one of the great names in Irish history. The clan strongholds were in Leinster. Several generations took the title of King of Leinster through the centuries. Here are some of the family names of Kavanagh ancestry. Are you amongst them? Kavanagh, Cavanaugh Cavan, Caven, Keevan This article will tell you about … Read more

The O’Byrne Clan – A History

O’Byrne is one of the great names in Irish history. The O’Byrne Clan ruled from their strongholds in the Wicklow mountains for several centuries. Here are some of the family names of O’Byrne ancestry. Are you amongst them? This article will tell you about the exploits of Fiach McHugh O’Byrne, the great mountain warrior. But … Read more

Brian Boru – Ancestor Of The O’Brien Clan

Brian Boru was born in the first half of the 10th century and died in battle in 1014 in the Battle of Clontarf. As one of the greatest kings of Ireland, he gave his name to the O’Brien clan and many other variations of the name. This article takes you through his rise from a … Read more

Workhouses In Ireland

If your ancestors experienced poverty in 19th or early 20th century Ireland, they may have had to enter a Workhouse. The Workhouses were introduced in Ireland in response to the Potato Famine of 1845. This article will give you an overview of these institutions. Why Were Workhouses Introduced In Ireland? The early decades of the … Read more

The Irish Potato Famine And Genealogy

Were your ancestors or relatives living in Ireland during the Irish Potato Famine? The failure of three annual potato crops led to the emigration of one and a half million people, mostly to the United States and Canada. The disaster plays a massive part in the family tree of so many people of Irish ancestry. … Read more